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Join me in the life-long journey to health and happiness! Love. Life. Yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga
 The Vinyasa yoga lineage derives from a combination of two different yogic schools of thought i.e. the Iyengar and Ashtanga schools of yoga. Vinyasa yoga aligns movement and breath and emphasizes dynamic flows. This type of meditative, physical movement restores both mental and physical health and well being.
Private and Semi Private Classes
Private lessons are a great way to learn all of the yoga poses if you're a beginner. If you're an experienced yogi, it's a perfect way to grow your practice and work on challenges specific to your practice. Click here and then please contact me for more information.
Follow My Travels
I will be posting image galleries and videos of my yoga and travel adventures, as well as anything that simply inspires me. My travels have been integral to shaping the person I am today and my teaching philosophy.
Tara's energetic teaching style and constant smile is such an inspiration for me. Always understanding but challenging, she really helps you grow as a yoga student. I would recommend her instruction to anyone! ~ Robert M.
Tara leads a class that offers the perfect balance between vigorous and challenging with a dose of spirituality. You truly get a comprehensive class when with Tara. She is open to questions throughout class and is sincere with her responses. Tara takes the time to illustrate proper form and technique, and won’t hesitate to help with adjustments or modify a pose for your particular needs. Due to this approach you never feel “wrong” in her presence. As one of her mantras goes “ You adjust the posture to suit your body, not your body to suit the posture”. Because of her patience and humor I have yet to leave a class without breaking a sweat and with a smile on my face. ~ Jessica D.
Tara's class is one of the highlights of my week! The vibe in her class is always filled with love and I inevitably leave with a smile on my face. She's a terrific teacher and is super sweet, even if she does make you work your abs. Perfect way to start the day. ~ Catherine P.
Tara’s brings lightness to her classes that make them playful and yet vigorous, with something for the yogi at any level. She is careful to observe for incorrect positioning, and gives alternatives for people who are injured or new to the practice. Each class I have taken with her is different, with themes that change with the seasons or echo a philosophical issue she has been thinking about. The sequencing is logical and helps you go deeper into the poses. All in all, I would highly recommend her classes, especially if you are struggling or feeling down, you will leave infused with joy. ~ Marni M.